1-2-1 Coaching

The power of focus

1-2-1 coaching is individually tailored, results-focused coaching. It is a highly flexible service - the ideal solution for those who prefer to have individual attention and development aimed directly at their needs.

The coaching relationship is definitely a unique one — there is no other relationship in our lives that consistently offers this extraordinary level of support, encouragement, accountability and honest feedback.

In general terms any type of 'coaching' is all about fast-forwarding the thoughts, processes and action needed to make real and lasting positive change in your chosen activity, your realtionships, your career and your life.

It is about making sure your daily actions take you towards - not away from - your dreams.

With my belief in Passion Coaching, my one to one coaching gives you the ultimate experience of having someone really enthusiastic 'in your corner', guiding you and encouraging you to reach for your dreams and goals. It gives you the benefit of NLP therapy, Passion coaching, EFT, and NVC all tailored exactly to your needs at any particular time.

The cornerstones of this individual coaching are:

  • Non-judgment
  • Belief in You
  • Personalized Challenge
  • Proven Success Methods

Using these cornerstones, you'll gain the freedom and confidence to make life changing decisions. I believe that in order to attain an exceptional life - a life of your design, filled with joy, success and fulfillment , it's essential that you make progress in the areas of your life that are most important to you.

One to one coaching is a powerful laboratory where you can examine your life within the safety and supportive environment of a professional relationship. You get the assistance you need to resolve issues, set goals and set up the conditions for your success. You get support each step of the way.

One to One coaching offers you a unique journey of mentoring, creation, challenge, achievement and celebration.

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