Adventure Passion Coaching

The Ultimate Personal Development Experience

"An Adventure is an exciting or very unusual experience. It is a bold undertaking, involving challenge and daring".

The nature of an adventure requires that you stretch yourself beyond your normal performance level - otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure! By stretching yourself...... you change!

When you undertake a challenge, you call upon hidden strengths and abilities from deep inside you. These abilities are inside every person - just think about what people are capable of in life or death situations! Your personal power is there, it just needs to be called into action.

Adventure Passion Coaching calls your personal power into action in a real life, real time adventure

There's a saying that goes "if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting".

This means that in order to get a different result in your life, you must take a different action. What holds us back from taking different actions?

Habit is one thing. Self-limiting beliefs are another. Being stuck in limiting beliefs about yourself prevents you from being all you can be. Whatever you believe becomes your reality. Limiting beliefs lurk in the dark recesses of your mind, colouring your view of the world and affecting what you can create. They are like quiet little voices whispering 'You can't do that' whenever you want to make changes in your life.

Adventure Passion Coaching puts you in challenging situations so that your limiting beliefs can be exposed..... and changed. We pull out those little voices, and teach them to sing another song - one that sets you free!

Imagine proving to yourself that you CAN do whatever you want. Image the power of learning amazing things about yourself and overcoming the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back - all in one week!

When you decide to join me on an Adventure Passion Course, you choose from a range of activities that stretch you in different ways. Remember, this is 'Challenge By Choice', so we work together carefully at the planning stage to ensure that we set up the best conditions for your success.

During the Adventure week, I will be alongside you in each of your challenges to coach, question, assist and support you to success. Using the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NVC (NonViolent Communication), I will coach you through your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself and together we will set new beliefs that you can carry forward into all areas of your life.

This type of coaching has immense power because it is true experiential learning - using your five senses, your brain and your physical body. It is in 'real time' not hypothetical situations. When you take part in Adventure Passion Coaching, you are taking real, decisive ACTION to change your life for the better.

5 Reasons why ~ are you ready?

  • You are commited to personal growth
  • You are ready for massive change
  • You are not afraid of making big changes in a short period of time
  • You want the fast track to lasting results
  • You know deep inside that you can be more than you are showing up as now!

"That which does not kill you can only make you stronger." -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. 1844 – 1900 German philosopher and classical philologist.

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