Be Grateful

What does it mean to be grateful?

Taking the time to 'Be Grateful' is like soaking in a hot bath after a long hard day.

Being grateful is a vital part in creating the life of your dreams. It is about staying open to what shows up after you get clear and take your inspired action.

Circumstances will present themselves which may just be exactly what you need for your next step - a helpful partnership or some piece of information that helps you move forward in leaps and bounds. But it won't always show up in the way that you expect!

If we are focussed on a narrow set of possibilities for the realisation of our dreams, we might miss the golden opportunity that presents itself if it's something out with our mental picture.

Being grateful for everything in your life allows you to keep your eyes and mind open to unforeseen opportunities. By seeing the good in everything that comes your way, you won't dismiss something great just because it isn't in the form you expected. Blessings can often be found in challenging situations, so keep your heart open with gratitude, and you may find surprising gifts where you least expect them.

Another great reason for being grateful is that is a positive emotion.

As we discussed in Step 3, (Get Active), we need to avoid negativism as we create our new reality in line with our passions. This includes your own negativity!! Internal criticism, complaining, resentment, jealousy, anger and disappointment are just as destructive to your successful life as pessimistic messages from other people.

Choosing to have a grateful attitude will disband internal negative emotions, keeping you open to all the good that you want to create. Thankfulness keeps alive the upbeat, enthusiastic emotions that help to move you forwards towards your goals.

Imagine two moving walkways, side by side. One side is where all your positive emotions reside, and it is travelling towards your success and fulfilment of your dreams. The other side is filled with negative emotions, steadily dragging you off in the opposite direction of your ideal life. If you find yourself on the negative walkway, you can make a decision to hop over onto the positive one. Sounds easy huh? However, that negative side can be overwhelming at times; you can get trapped there, struggling to detangle yourself from the downbeat feelings. Connecting with heartfelt gratitude gives you a lifeline back to the optimistic side.

And finally, gratitude, thankfulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Gratitude can be expressed in the moment, for events of the past, and in anticipation of things to come. By actively giving thanks every day for what shows up in your life, you are setting in motion an ancient universal law: the more you are grateful for, the more will be given to you.

You can begin to express gratitude now for the realization of your dreams. Visualize your ideal life, play the movie of it in your mind's eye, feel the feelings of it, experience the sights and sounds, and give heartfelt thanks for its creation. In doing this, you are engaging the Law of Attraction to work with you in harmony with your desires.

Further information on using Gratitude and the Law of Attraction in pursuit of your passionate life are shared within the Passion courses available from this site.

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