Find Your Life Purpose

When you find your life purpose, you create your life with greater focus and clarity every day.

Being clear on your life's purpose unleashes your personal power - confidence, commitment and inspired action are the basis of success, and these surge inside you as you live a clear, directed and passionate life.

"How do I find my purpose?"

Your life purpose evolves over time. What is right for you now will likely have grown into another version in a few years time. By getting clear on what is deeply important to you now and pursuing that passionately, you will grow and develop yourself, getting better and better, until you find yourself ready and prepared for the highest edition of your purpose. It's an incredible journey.

Start with where you are at the present, with all your current abilities and views of the world, and ask what is deeply important to you now. Don't just accept the immediate answers that come up, they can be deceiving. You'll need to go deeper. Give it some real thought. This is the most important exploration you will do, and the rewards are more joy, fulfilment, success and meaning in your life!

Below are some specific methods you can use to get you on your path to your ultimate purpose in life. They include tools to use, questions to ask, and investigations to make.

1. Follow your passions

One of the best ways to get started right away is to follow your passions. Your Passions are the keys to your life purpose. They are the things you love to do, they point you towards what you are here for. They speak volumes about what is deeply important to you. They are alive in you right now, ready to lead you the way. Your passions are your internal guiding system towards your destiny. Follow your passions and they will lead you to your purpose in life.

A powerful way to get clear on your passions is to take The Passion Test. The Passion Test is a powerful and simple method for exploring what really matters to you most - according to your heart, not your head. You will uncover the top 5 most important things to you. When you've completed the Test, you will clearly know what your passions are. You'll be able to see, feel, touch, taste, smell and create your passionate life, filled with the things that matter most, leading you on your life's purpose journey. Get started with The Passion Test now with this step by step video e-course with The Passion Man.

2. The Writer's Flow

You can do some investigative work on your own. Allow your creative juices to flow with this method. Grab a pen and some paper, or use a PC if you can type faster than you can write. Make sure you're not going to be disturbed and write/type the header:

What Is My Purpose in Life?

Write down the first answer that comes to you, doesn't matter what it is, just write it down. Keep asking the question and writing down whatever answers come to you. Don't stop until you come across an answer that brings you a surge of emotion and tears to your eyes!

This process will probably take you anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or two. You might get really discouraged at some point, and want to give up, but you must push through this stage and keep going. Eventually an idea will come to you like sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day!

3. Explore some Questions

Here's another method you can try on your own. Spend some time exploring these questions. For each one, answer the first question, and then apply the second question to your answer.

If you were given a one-flick magic wand, what would be the one thing you would add to your life? Why would you choose that one thing?

What are you naturally inquisitive about? What is it about that subject that is so fascinating to you?

What have you done so far in your life that you feel especially proud of. Why those things?

If you weren't constrained by money at all, what would you do with the next 10 years? What's your underlying reason for doing that?

What kind of ideas do you get excited about? Why are they exciting to you?

What are you good at? Why do you excel at that?

What changes would you like to see in the world? What would be the best thing about those changes?

You can expand this exercise by continuing to go deeper in your questioning of why, what does this give me, what is powerful about that? This deepening will begin to reveal trends that show you more about who you are and what is important to you.

4. A survey on you.

If you find it difficult to think of your talents and skills objectively, you can ask other people where they think your natural talents lie. Ask them what they think you do best, what you are skilled at, what are your gifts. The answers may surprise you, as often other people have a very different view of you than you have of yourself. Compare what you learn from others with your own perception of your talents. Notice how you feel about those things others say you are good at. Do you feel inspired when you are using those skills that others admire in you? Would you like to expand upon those things? Is there something similar that you would like to explore in more depth? Are those skills and talents the underpinning aptitudes for a particular vocation?

All of the above methods and suggestions have a common goal - to help you delve into the bigger reasons for your life so you can get clear on what you really want. You have clues woven throughout your personality - your passions, your talents, your skills and aptitudes all point towards your destiny. Quieten your rational mind for a while, and listen to the whisperings of your soul.

Life is a journey, follow your signposts!

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