Get Active

Getting active involves motion!

Motion is directly linked with emotion.

When you are emotional you take action. Action to avoid pain or gain pleasure.

By step 3 of this 4 step process, you will be crystal clear on what you want, and why you want it. You will be fired up and ready to take action.

Taking action at this point is critical to your success.

All the visualising and affirming of what you want will take you nowhere, unless you take action. The movie The Secret has sometimes been criticised for not making this essential part of using the Law of Attraction clear enough.

Once you have the clarity and passion for your vision, it's time to turn your attention toward realising that goal. Moving consciously in the direction of your aspirations has the powerful effect of strengthening your confidence and reducing your fears.

Your commitment to yourself is to put your attention on your goals, and keep connected with the intensity of your passion. Many distractions, demands and habitual routes will inevitably appear in front of you. Your task is to consistently put your attention on those things that support progress toward your goals, and treat everything else with indifference.

You may find that there are some things you simply must take care of which are not in line with your objectives, so simply deal with them as efficiently and non emotionally as you can, and get your attention right back on target in creating your future in the way you desire.

As you take inspired action, driven by the clarity, focus and desire of steps 1 & 2, you will be letting go of the old patterns which are not serving you and creating new habits and behaviours which support your quest.

Success requires no explanation, Failure permits no alibis.

At this key point in your success, you may face a new kind of challenge in the form of criticism, doubt or disapproval from family, friends and colleagues. In fact, anyone who knows you might take it upon themselves to make comment on your mission! It is essential that you protect yourself from negativity of any kind. Ask people to support you rather than criticise. Disclose details of your plans only with people who will share your enthusiasm and drive. Avoid anyone who puts you down. Consciously spend time with positive people - their optimistic attitude will help to sustain you through the necessary changes.

The more supportive, helpful people you can surround yourself with, the more confidence you will feel. Ally yourself with people with a similar interest or goal, ask for help, and build cooperative relationships with them. These associations will help you to grow into who you need to become to realise your goal as well as providing buoyancy in the face of doubt, fear or temporary setback.

Remember too, that if your first plan is not successful, then review, make a new plan and go again. Connect frequently with your desire, intensifying it afresh if necessary. There are many pathways by which for you to reach your ultimate goals, some will be better paths than others. Enthusiastic people around you will help you to go up, around, under or through obstacles, to keep striving for your goals.

Quitters never win and Winners never quit!

Gaining the specific support of a mentor or guide will help enormously. Much help is available through this site, in the form of training, forum and coaching. Many others are making their journeys at the same time as you, and there is a great strength to be drawn from journeying together.

Again, it is in your best interests to ensure that you set up the conditions for your success. Getting the appropriate support is like the scaffolding round the building-in-progress!

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