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How will connecting to emotion support my passions?

Emotion fuels your fire!

When you have a strong desire for something that's profoundly important to you, and you experience the emotion of it in your physical body, you are on fire, you're ready for action. The clarity, focus and motivation will carry you along with energy and determination.

You must know why you want something - what it really means to you in terms of your values, and how you feel about living that ideal. It's about connecting with that 'fired up' feeling.

Most of what we do is driven by how we want to feel. If you do something to cheer yourself up when you are sad, you do it because you want to feel better. If you enjoy golf, you do it because of how you feel when you play. Feelings drive our actions - we all want to experience the best feelings possible, and avoid the one's we don't like. Whether we are moving towards what we like, or moving away from what we don't, our emotions are the driving force - the reason for our actions.

Use your imagination to get into the zone of how you will feel when you realise your goal and revel in the feelings that come alive for you when you connect with it. Get fired up. Expand and inflate the feelings, increase your desire, come alive, get excited, uplifted, inspired. Get yourself into 'invincible' mode!

The Best Feelings Ever.

You feel best when you are doing something you love that is allied with your personal values. You may not be sure on what your values and principles for living are, but when you connect with what you really want, there will be value-based reasons for wanting that thing. It's useful to know what those values are because it gives a deeper grounding in your 'why', and arouses more positive feelings about who you are.

For example, let's imagine that one of the things you really want is a large luxury house in your favourite part of the world. Picture all its material attributes - the size, the decor, the gardens, grounds, orchards, perhaps a pool, a games room, a cinema room? Whatever works for you.

You love this new house.... buy why? What would it give you if you lived here? Why do you desire it so much? Which of your values is it aligned with? How do you get to feel when you are living it?

Perhaps it symbolises success for you. When you are living in that house, you know that you have taken responsibility for your destiny, you've stepped up, made the choices necessary and you've overcome any obstacles to realising your success. It's aligned with your values about honest work and personal responsibility. You feel proud, fulfilled, confident and successful.

On the other hand, perhaps you want this house so you can have a wonderfully comfortable family life. You have a great place to raise your kids. You enjoy the space, the light, the peace. It fits with your values of commitment to family and living with ease and luxury. The feelings you will have when you live here might be of love, connection, abundance and joy. The delightful environment to raise your family matters to you, because of how you will feel living it.

It's the underlying core reasons - of values and emotion - that really matter. Illuminating these reasons will intensify your desire which will, in turn, awaken your creative genius.

Your core reasons are the fuels that ignite your desire. If you are unsure of your core reasons, you can quickly lose motivation and direction. Clarity in your core reasons is like having a strong support team - somewhere to draw courage and conviction from as you take action and make your way.

Spend time soaking in the vision of what you wish to create, and feel the feelings - intensely. This will strengthen your desire. A strong, pulsating desire is extremely powerful. It's much different from wishing, or hoping. Wishing and hoping both lack the driving force that desire has. A burning, definite desire does not take 'no' for an answer, but keeps you moving forward into inspired action, overcoming obstacles, and cutting new paths where none existed before. Intense desire is courageous, creative, ingenious, and persistent.

It's at this step that you raise and unleash your passion - that powerful, intense mix of desire and magnetism that carries you forth into inspired, purposeful action.

The courses you will find on this website are carefully constructed to take you deeply into the process of building your passionate energy aligned with those things you deeply care about. Step by step guidance allows you to build the best possible platform for your success.

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