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The 4 steps to Success - by video e-course

Would you like more passion in your life? Would you like to know what your true purpose is? Would you like to be living your dreams?

When your everyday life is aligned with who you truly are i.e. living your passions - you enjoy increased interpersonal effectiveness, fulfillment, and productivity. Passion Coaching is a proven way to achieve goals that are personally and professionally relevant to you.

My video e-courses introduce you to the 4 steps to Success concept by inviting you to take The Passion Test, created by Janet & Chris Attwood. I believe The Passion Test is the most powerful process available for finding your passions and putting your dreams into action.

The Passion courses are delivered through streaming video, straight to your computer (just like YouTube). You will be invited to 'sit in' on one of my live events as I take you and others through The Passion Test.

Together, the two Passion Courses take you through the entire '4 steps to success' principle - Get Clear, Get Emotion, Get Active, and Be Grateful. You will have the added advantage of being able to work through these courses at your own pace. From getting crystal clear about what really matters to you in your life (using The Passion Test) right through to taking inspired Action, the Passion Courses will take you step by step from where you are now, to actively creating the life you truly want.

The first course 'Find Your Top 5 Passions' is free so you can check out the power of this amazing process for yourself. Let me know where to send your free video e-course by filling in your details here.

If you find that you love the course and want to know more, sign up for the second part where you will go even deeper into the life changing process - building visions of your ideal life, overcoming limiting beliefs, building momentum, and taking that all important action. The videos are accompanied by recording sheets to print out for all your notes and discoveries.

The Passion Test is the effortless path to discovering your destiny. It has helped thousands of people to get clear on what is most important to them and to create the life of their dreams.Get started here for free, or click on the flaming heart.

The page is dedicated to Mstr Ronan Foley. My son. He has shown me the way! The world is his to explore and change!

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