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The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny.

"You Can Take The Passion Test for just

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Live with Passion!"

"Quite frankly I was blown away. This is a very direct, practical roadmap for how to become prosperous, how to take what it is you love and make it into a very, very substantial and fulfilling income".
Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and featured in The Secret

Hey 30 days is the standard! I will stick my neck out and guarantee your purchase for a full 60 days! If you do not experience any positive change in your life after commiting fully to this course and following the step by step processes outlined I will give you your money back. No questions asked.
The Passion Man Guarantees it!

The Passion Man Guarantees it!

You can cancel any time with just a couple of clicks and ask for your money back! Just send me an email letting us know why and we will return your investment....No Questions Asked!

After taking The Passion Test 12 Step Video Course you will:

  • Be building habits that serve you in living your passions
  • Have a system, support tools and techniques for actively choosing to live your passions
  • Anchor deep into your subconcious your reasons Why. This will drive your commitment.
  • Know how to make the choices you need to make to be successful
  • Know how to remove your limiting self beliefs and replace them with unlimiting beliefs.
  • Be open to bring all the joy, success and happiness into your life that you deserve.


This live and intensive 2 days seminar with The Passion Man would usually cost you $650.00 just to attend and that doesn't include the flights, accommodation or food!

With this online course you get all the benefits without any of the hassle for a fraction of the costs!

Includes all step by step streamed and downloadable videos, downloadable adobe pdf worksheets and handouts, webinars, email and video support.

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