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Personal Development Resources for Passionate People

On this page you will find:

Tips, techniques, course recommendations, books, videos and all manner of information that I have personally reviewed, taken, read or completed.

Resources sections

This page is divided into sections for ease of navigation, they are;

  • Your Life Purpose: How to find it and what to do with it once you know it!
  • Emotional grounding: When you love who you are, you have time & love for others
  • Health and Fitness: With a healthy mind, body and spirit you are way more effective.
  • Relationships: Significant others, kids, parents, work and social all are important.
  • Financial Security: Do what you love and in time that will bring you financial security.
  • Having FUN!: We all know we 'should' be having more of this. I'll show you how.
  • Giving back: The key to perfect life. When you automatically recieve.

Your Life Purpose

    The no.1 way I found for starting the proccess of finding your life's purpose The Passion Test.
    Passion, Purpose, Pay-off! Finding and pusuing your passions, will lead you to your life's purpose which in turn will bring the pay-off of peace, harmony, conguency.

Emotional grounding

Health and Fitness


Financial Security

Having FUN!

Giving back

The page is dedicated to Bob Proctor, the master thinker who has inpired millions of people to create multiple streams of income.

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