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The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny.

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"The Passion Test is the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want - by getting clear on who you are".
T-Harv Ecker. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The Passion Test is a simple, yet profound process for uncovering your true passions. It's the one test you cannot fail! Created by Janet & Chris Attwood, The Passion Test book is a New York Times Best Seller, and has helped thousands of people discover and pursue their true passions.

The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny.

After taking The Passion Test you will:

  • Be clear on the 5 most important things in your life
  • Know why they are most important
  • Have a system, tools and techniques for staying clear
  • Be already taking positive action to have them in your life
  • Feel elated to finally be 'getting your life on track'

Your Passions are the Keys to your Life's Purpose

Your Passions are your great loves - the things that thrill your heart, stir your soul and make life really worth living. They are the things that matter most to you, deep down at your core. And there is a reason you love the things you love. Your passions - the things that matter most to you, are way-markers pointing you towards your unique purpose in life.

When you are following your passions, your life takes on a new quality. The inspiration and deep satisfaction you feel is assurance that you are using your life well. Life isn't so much of a struggle when you are following your passions - you are on the path to your destiny. When you follow your joy, you step onto the path of least resistance where new possibilities and opportunities open to you.

The No.1 way to get clear on what you want in your life.

Take the test today Taking The Passion Test and working with a Certified Passion Coach is absolutely the best way to get clear on what you want, find out why you want it and then get on with bringing it into your life.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better then fill in the form now and take this simple yet profound test and start making a difference in your life now!

A Step-By-Step Method

Even if you haven't got a clue what you are passionate about, The Passion Test takes you through an easy to follow method to uncover those secrets hidden inside. Sometimes life gets in the way and it's hard to seperate what we think we 'have to do' with what we 'want to do'. By asking the right questions, The Passion Test process triggers answers from your subconscious mind, allowing you to see through the clutter of everyday thoughts to the truth below.

Once you are clear on your Passions, you will be shown powerful techniques to create your passionate life, allowing your dream to come alive. Strategies for getting around blocks or obstacles are discussed, as well as tips for increasing your ability to take advantage of the new opportunities that will arise.

Are you ready to start living with more purpose and passion? Are you all set to take control of your life so you can experience all the joy and fulfilment you deserve? Are you willing to open this door of opportunity and discover how wonderful your life can be?

If you are willing to be the best you can be and choose to have more fulfilment in your life, you can get started with The Passion Test today.


What are people saying about The Passion test?

"Quite frankly I was blown away. This is a very direct, practical roadmap for how to become prosperous, how to take what it is you love and make it into a very, very substantial and fulfilling income".
Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and featured in The Secret

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"Jack Canfield "Chicken Soup for the Soul" loves The Passion Test!

"The Passion Test has given me incredible insight into what was missing in my life, where I was not 100% spot on in pursuing my passions. It's simple. it's easy. and it's profound. Out of it came the creation of an organisation I'd been putting off for six years and a fuller expression of my love and my commitment to my family. I think there is nothing more important than that".

The time for action is now. It's never too late to make a dream come true.

There was once a very cautious man,
Who never laughed or cried,
He never cared, he never dared,
He never dreamed or tried.

And when one day he passed away,
His insurance was denied,
For since he never really lived,
They claimed he never died.
Author unknown

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The page is dedicated to Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. Co-authors of The New York Times Best Seller 'The Passion Test' With out whom my journey to serve others in this way may never have begun and I would be less than I am being right now! Thank you.
You can find them at Janet & Chris at The Passion Test

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"This is the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want, by getting clear on who you are".
T. Harv Ecker. Secrets of a Millionaire Mind.

Janet and Chris

Click here to become a Passion Test Facilitator "When you are clear on what you want to show up in your life, IT WILL and only to the extent to which you are clear"

Janet Bray Attwood. Co-author of the New York Times best seller 'The Passion Test'

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