The Ultimate Question

What is the ultimate question and why must we ask it?

By asking the Ultimate Question we Get Clear on what we really want!

I believe the ultimate question that underpins our happiness in life is:

"What do I want?"

For many people the ultimate question is: "What is the meaning of life?", Is there a GOD?" or "Why am I here?" and whilst they are important questions I believe they are secondary to a much more basic, authentic question that deals with our need behind the reason to ask those questions in the first place.

We ask questions because we want something. We usually want answers.

"The quality of the answers we get in life are directly proportional to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves."

When we ask ourselves better quality questions we prepare for higher quality answers.

What is a better quality question?

Well by way of explanation try this: Ask yourself - outloud - these two questions and be alert for the feelings that each one stirs deep inside. "You need to really pay attention as you ask because we have all become masters in the art of ignoring the inner dialogue that creates the feelings that are sign posts to whether something serves our higher purpose or not!"

    1. Why does this stuff always happen to me?

    2. What do I want?

Did you get those feelings? Did you feel the energy just drain from your body when you asked the first question? A feeling of hopelessness?

Did you feel more hopeful, powerful - or at least less fearful - when you asked yourself the second question?

Would you agree that question number two is a better quality question? It changes your state, it serves you and empowers you.

I suggest to you that the ultimate question can only be:

"What do I want?"

Try it right now as you read this page....ask yourself; What do you want from reading this page? From browsing the website? What do I want when I type in certain keywords into the Google?

Everything we do has a reason behind it. We ALWAYS want something, although we may not always know exactly what that may be.

Getting clear answers to that question is the key reason why to use Your Passion Coach and take The Passion Test. My belief and experience has shown that taking The Passion Test and working with Your Passion Coach is THE single most effective way for anyone to find out exactly what they want in their life.

This - of course - is a vital pre-requisite to ultimately living a passionate life.

By taking the time to sit and write out all the 'things' you love to be, do and have you are taking the first step on finding your passions and thus your true purpose in life.

Start Living with Passion!
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