What could you be grateful for?

happy thoughts, laughter, shelter, safety, bacon sandwiches, the scent of honeysuckle, yoga, cats, hugs, nail varnish, blue skies, my children, adventure, stories, walking on the sand, jokes, films, oranges, letters, sunsets, mobile phones, friendships, good wine, shoes, freedom, my new furry slippers,

my dog surviving her accident and being such a wonderful dog, trees, the daffodils in the garden (and all around), afternoon naps, listening to my partner & children playing and joking together, warmth, The wood burning stove in the living room, love, books - the glorious world of fiction that I can lose myself in - wonderful ideas & words, my big comfy bed, walking on the beach watching the dog racing around, the warmth of the sun and the feel of it on my skin, my friends, kindness, the rude, crude and very funny emails my friends send me, my ipod -striding along with fantastic music in my ears, health, nature, Harry Potter -or rather JK Rowling and her wonderful creations, especially Neville Longbottom, forests, so many brilliant kids books, clarity, digging and weeding, BB King, my new mug from Portugal - tea tastes so much better in it, rain, seeds germinating, hearing my dog trying to sneak upstairs to see me in the morning even though she's not allowed up there, fun, enjoying being in our cosy house when its raining & blowing outside, safety chili dark chocolate, fresh air, still being able to fall about laughing with my partner after 15 years, trees coming into leaf, the sea, a long cold drink when I'm hot and thirsty, vision, dogs, my car, roses, my boss, the smell of fresh coffee, laughing! dentists, swimming, sailing, washing machines, time with my son, computers, delicious food, the moon & stars, learning, laughing with my kids, streetlamps, daisy chains, honey, pebbles, crystals, the warmth of the sun on my face, cinema, my home, flowers, football, snow crunching under my feet, understanding, movement, a loving caring family, apples, theatre, electricity, horses, clothes, tomatoes, plants, peace, money, My Health, my bicycle, a safe environment to live in, living in a beautiful part of England, connection, my garden, personal space, a sense of humour, the soft feel of my hamster sleeping in my hand, my parents, chocolate, family and friends, support, the ability to drive to different places, the companionship of my dog, good food and wine! trust, the privilege of being able to adopt 2 fantastic lads,

music, healing, consciousness....

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