Who is the man behind Your Passion Coach?

Sean Foley a short biography?

Your Passion Coach, The Passion Man, Passion Test Facilitator, NLP, NVC & EFT Practitioner, Life and Business Coach.

Sean started his adult career in life long learning and experiential development as an elite soldier for 9 years with Britain's Royal Marine Commandos. He gained operational team and leadership experience in challenging environments such as Mountains, Jungles, Desert, The Artic, sea-born, heli-born and land operations. Sean gained skills and experience as a medic, sniper, shooting coach, navigator, communications specialist, survival expert, ship's - military scuba - diver, Nordic and Alpine skier.

His time with The Royal Marines taught him many things particularly how individual power, passion & skills coupled with interdependant high performing teams are key factors in achieving the impossible.

Sean continued his life journey enjoying a passion for reading personal development literature, attending courses and seminars whilst loving personal adventurous sports such as skiing, skydiving, scuba diving and sailing leading to UK qualifications to teach Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Mountaineering and Kayaking.

These key skills and experience led Sean into the personal and team development world using adventurous pursuits as the delivery vehicle. 4 very fulfilling years were spent leading international leadership development expeditions for teams of young adults to challenging destinations such as Belize, Central America and Madagascar, Africa.

Sean ran his own successful Corporate Event Management business for 10 years delivering training, development and fun to global businesses such as BP, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Cairn Energy PLC.

A key area of expertise was in the creation of challenging environments, facilitating personal growth - delivered on over 16 Life Mastery programmes over a number of years - for the acclaimed personal development leader Anthony Robbins & the Robbins Research Institute. Namely creating and building a 'leap of faith' high ropes structure and then coaching people to throw themselves off it!

Sean Foley skydiver After taking the Passion Test and attending a Life Mastery Programme in 2007, Sean closed his highly successfull business to follow his passions!


Sean now brings his considerable life and business experience to help others find & fulfil their life passions & achieve their limitless potential.
Offering 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes, Sean and his team use a fluid mix of guided sessions, experiential learning, Adventure activities, NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming , NVC - Non Violent communication, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, CST - Challenging Situational Training & Passion Coaching to help you achieve your limitless potential.

He is husband to the wonderful Lesley and father to 3 beautiful barefoot children.

Sean and his family are travelling the world and are currently in Cyprus in the Mediteranean, living and working as the region's first and only Passion Coach.

I am doing this only because I took and still regularly take The Passion test!

"Because when you are clear about what you want to show up in your life, IT WILL and ONLY to the extent to which you are clear!"

The page is dedicated to my family and Gilderoy Lockhart ;-).
My wife Lesley is sharing my journey whilst being on a major growth journey herself. I love her and wish her peace, joy and love in all she undertakes. You are more than you imagine!
My 3 bare foot children who I only hope will learn the lessons now that I have taken forty years to understand! Live your passions and control only that which is in your circle of influence. Let the fears and doubt flow past you like water round a rock in a stream.

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